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About Small Fish Big Ocean (SFBO)

What is this website?
Small Fish Big Ocean is an environment where we can openly share knowledge about small travel business ecommerce (Focussing on the needs of local tour operators and specialist travel agents). Topics covered include online trading, web based marketing, web design, bookings management etc

We are partly a social network and partly a forum
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The 55 travel ecommerce tips book
If you are looking for tips and advice do download this free PDF eBook packed with tips from forum members and TourCMS customers: 55 travel ecommerce tips

How do I sign up?
Select "Sign up" in the top right of this screen. It is free and only takes a few seconds! (Please be aware that as a result of spam we are now manually moderating all new sign ups)
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How often will I receive email from SFBO?
We will send you a monthly email outlining the latest updates from SFBO.

If you take part in the forum conversations you may receive email when a new comment has been added. You can unsubscribe from these email alerts within your communication preferences in your profile - or you can unsubscribe from individual conversations (from the conversation page)

Who is behind SFBO?
SFBO is run by TourCMS. We are a travel technology company based in Southampton (United Kingdom). We operate a reservation system - TourCMS that is used by many specialist tour operators

The forum is moderated by TourCMS staff.

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What are the moderation policies?
Rule #1: Be human, be informative and be interesting (write what you are interested in reading!)
Rule #2: Don't be too commercial
Rule #3: These forums are for specialist tour operators mainly (rather than accommodation providers / sellers) so we may moderate conversations that are solely accommodation centric.

The forums are here to allow those in the travel and tourism industry to freely share knowledge, not provide them with direct personal financial gain or free advertising. System or professional service providers may post details / links about their products only as part of a constructive on topic reply, or if specifically questioned by another forum member. If your post is deemed to be purely promotional in nature it may be removed (without warning). We may also remove posts if they are dull and not very engaging.

How should I introduce my tour operator to agents?
Please don't add a forum post saying "work with us". We will delete it.... if you want people to find out about you, write about a problem your business is facing - or ask for a website review.... this is much more readable and will create a conversation.... 

Does SmallFishBigOcean accept paid for advertising?

No. Not at this time

Doing business with other forum members

Please note, inclusion of organisations or individuals on this forum is no way an endorsement of their business and  Small Fish Big Ocean is not responsible for any content or products on member sites. If you choose to discuss and make arrangements with another forum member, it is advised you exercise your normal levels of due diligence in any connections and business dealings.



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