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What is the easiest/best way to get (computer readable) airline availability. Are there GDS or next generation GDS with a "simple" XML-API (and without 100+ pages NDA)?

For me it would be sufficient to get the availability status of aprox. 600 flights updated every 24 hours. So a even an easy CSV file with content like this would work for us:

08JUN SA123 C4 D4 J4 IR ZR Y4 S4 M4 B4 H4 Q4 K4 L4 T4 U4 E4 V4 G4 NR XR
09JUN SA123 C4 D4 J4 IR ZR Y4 S4 M4 B4 H4 Q4 K4 L4 T4 U4 E4 V4 G4 NR XR
10JUN SA123 C4 D4 J4 IR ZR Y4 S4 M4 B4 H4 Q4 K4 L4 T4 U4 E4 V4 G4 NR XR
11JUN SA123 C4 D4 J4 IR ZR Y4 S4 M4 B4 H4 Q4 K4 L4 T4 U4 E4 V4 G4 NR XR

Am' I asking too much?!

Kind regards from Germany
Harald Lux

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Hi Harald


Thanks for your post. Have you spoken with one of the GDS companies about accessing their API products? Each of them have XML API's.


I think you'll find that you have to sign a contract whichever supplier you use, but it won't be 100 pages long! :-)


As far as I know, their data is not available in CSV format


Kind Regards,



Hi Ed


yes the GDS have XML-API products. But not for small fish like us (my impression).


Have a look at the "CAP Implementation Procedure" Amadeus outlines at:


I don't want to be the next ITA, I just would like an answer to 600 request per night.


Kind regards

Harald Lux


Hi Harald

Yes, you're right - that does look pretty daunting!


Perhaps you can take a look at one of these companies as an alternative source of airline availability data:

I'm sure there are others!



I hope things have recently changed, but when I tried about a year ago, the basic answer I got from most GDS providers was "no." Some didn't respond at all, even after repeated calls. The most inroads I made were with Travelport, so you may want to try there first, but it will definitely cost you.

Hi Alex

I'm not sure I understand your comment. Are you saying that the GDS companies don't provide an XML API, or data in CSV format, or that they didn't want your business?

Thanks in advance for clarifying!


Good point -- I should've been clearer. Yes, they all have XML gateways. We were just not worthy of talking to: too small.




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