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Hi my name is Nelly and I am working with people with learning disabilities and with mental health problems.

I come from France and I had the idea to organise for them trips from london to my area where I grow up.

It will be small trips 4 days with a max of 7 peoples (one person with disabilities and her carer).
Maybe 10 or 12 times per year.

I have a web site done already and will register with HMRC.

But then what next ??
do i need an accountant ?
And what about all this travel regulation an Insurance? Do I need to be member of any tourism agency ?
the cost of all this licenses might be too big for the small amout of money I will generate ?
What do you think ? Any tips ?

Thanks for your answers.

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Hi Nelly,

I think we spoke earlier last year about this. How are you getting on with your business. Is there anything I can do to help?

Kind Regards


Hey Neil,

Still stuck with the way to get travel regulations and licences !
I guess it's because I'm a very small fish indeed ! If I go with your company I can't pay a fee every month not knowing if I will have any customers and I won't be able to do a trip every month ! It might be something which will be manageable from April to October ! So I'm thinking of maybe researching agency which already have all the ATOL and licences and see if they will be interested in employing me or being partner !

What do you think ?

Thanks a lot for keeping in touch


Hi Nelly,

Perhaps we can discuss a way in which it does become manageable for you. Does your number still end in 59304? Is there a good time to call?

Kind Regards


Hi Neil

Yes why not let's see how we can make it work ! Thanks so much! Yes my number is still the same !

Hi Nelly

I used to work for a charity and we supported adults with learning disabilities, and very occasionally organised short trips away for them which they really loved. I may be able to help you with this, especially as I understand learning disabilities and some of the difficulties people face.

I will message you if that's ok.

Best wishes


Hi Louise

And thanks so much for your reply, yes I will be happy for your help.

As soon as I have set up all the licenses and insurances for my business or find a partner who is already set up I will send you a brochure.
And if you still have contacts within the field it would be much appreciated if you could spread the word :-)

Thanks again and best regards

Hi Nelly,

If you are planning to organise small trips to your location in France, I have a very good Idea which we can share on mail. If you like it it will be cost effective and help you in long run.


I'm interested message me here.






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