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Where next for this forum? Your input very much appreciated

With over 200 members now - how would you like us to make this forum better?

Shall we really start with our monthly training / group learning? (Sounds like fun - not everyone has to do it - but it could be educational)

So far discussions have been low volume - but the ones that have taken place have been great ones

What would interest you sufficiently to make this a regular place to follow and join in with?

Thanks. Alex

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Hi Alex great idea maybe add a few more categories like online marketing (ppc,seo,affiliate) where everyone could ask a few more questions?
Hi Stelios

Thank you for your comment. Please feel free to add any question about marketing / seo / affiliates in the clinic.... or - for general discussion - in the foyer.

Generally it will be better to have a few forums - rather than one for each specific issue - as otherwise will have lots of empty ones!

Thanks. Alex

The forum is good and I liked alot as Stelios says we need to have diffrent categories and not in the same. This may help your get more engagement on this forum and clean discussion!

The forums seem to be off to a great start as you say and there is really great feel to the community that's building up. I've got a few ideas bubbling away in the back of my head so on the weekend I will get some topics started.

Can I check - is this a private forum and are the outbound links no-followed? I think it would be quite interesting to lay cards on the table and see what people think of my travel website. I would definitely welcome any feedback and would be very happy to do the same for anyone else in return? Just don't want to see my direct competition/potential customers seeing the post when they search for my brand! :)
Hi Alex, in the future i wish put a post in mya tourismabout for this area.The market in Itlay with his actor I think it's too
younger to appreciate this work :(, may be in the future.
I'm working to change this view.Target it's fo far :(
New trends, new products, new markets...
During these difficult times it is important to be the first in the know.

I just came back from ILTM Cannes.
This travel show is really a very good one. This year we had a very interesting interactive "ILTM future forum"

I totally agree with you,

Personally - as I'm relatively new in this sector - I'd love to see some general advice pages or "sticky" posts. I'm sure questions about travel regulations must arise regularly, systems etc, and imagine a lot of questions are of a similar nature.

I'd like to see more granular hands on discussions - about PPC, SEO etc
I hate to write something negative - I do actually think it's a good forum with lots of potential - but I do find it's more design than function at the moment. I find it a little laborious to go back through posts to find threads that may be of interest and in all honesty this does put me off at times. PHP or SMF forum software is free and well tried and tested over the years. Not as pretty as this admittedly but very user friendly. They also allow threads to be made sticky - useful for those questions that arise time and time again.

It may just be me, I'm well prepared to be shot down on this !

Hi guys

If only we had more time in the day :)

No, seriously, we want to make more utility on these forums.... the challenge is finding time to do all the co-ordination work at the same time as running our other business interests (this doesn't exactly make money!)

FYI - they are hosted on Ning - so pretty standard Ning functionality.

I do have a SFBO book planned (although that may turn out into something else as the content could be repurposed). Maybe in September / October when we have a little more long evenings!

Thanks for your continued support. Alex
I know it well Alex. We have a forum on our site and it's very resource intensive - not particularly hosting the forum I may add (it's SMF and works well) but a lot of people post on there instead of emailing us so I find we're constantly trawling the board to keep an eye on things. That said, when it works well it's a great tool.

Somehow I suspect a SFBO book may suck up even more of your time - you're a braver man than I !





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