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Hello all,

I will step through the line and leave behind my embarassmentabout asking this:

Can someone please define/explain to me what is "back to back promotion" in travel industry?

I have tried googling it and have checked some travel coursebooks but I cannot find definition of what back to back promotion really is.

Thank you.

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George hi need a little bit more info regarding your question. Are you talking about a supplier having a back to back promotion like a hotel? Please provide more details.

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Yes, for example a hotel supplier having a back to back promotion....for example in some rooms promo conditions: "back to back promotion allowed", etc. ...what exactly does that "back to back promotion" mean

hmm. Brain teaser! 

Maybe it's something like the hotel is running various promotions? Like stay 5 nights for the price of 3, weeknights only. And another one like a weekend offer. And you can do them back to back. 

Or a 3 nights for the price of 2 which isn't linked to weekdays or weekends, so you can do it two or more times in a row?

Funny phrase isn't it.




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