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What are the top features of the B2C and B2B travel Solution?

B2B and B2C travel softwares are two vital business travel solutions that allow the travel company to provide travel services to both direct customers and travel agents. Today, everyone wants to get the best travel deals possible on the internet, and that is the reason travel technology provider needs to offer travel solution for both online travel agnet and B2B reseller. Having B2B and B2C travel solution would allow the company to provide utmost satisfaction to their travel agents and customers and help them enhance their overall productivity. Some of the best features of B2B agent dashboard and B2C online travel solution are mentioned below:

  • Hotel and Flight booking: The first and foremost feature of online booking software for B2C and B2B travel portal is to offer flexibility and convenience to the client for booking hotels and flights easily. It allows the user to search for preferred hotels and flights based on price and location along with cancellation policy and other necessary benefits.
  • Real time online booking and availability: One of the major feature of this travel agents software is that it would help the people to see the hotels rooms and flight in real time availability so that they can secure a spot easily and make better decision.
  • Automated booking confirmation: One of the best features of travel agent’s technology is the client will be able to get an automated booking confirmation after booking a travel product. This reduces the workload from the travel agency and helps the customer to know the status of the booking without manually asking.
  • Proper management system: Management of travel booking is a very hectic task for the travel agencies, but with B2B and B2C travel solutions, this can be done using its remarkable critical database management system filled with many interactive features.
  • Multiple language and currency support: When you are targeting customers from all over the world, it is necessary that you offer them convenience to read their language and pay with their currency. It increases the trust and bond and also help them understand better about the travel product.
  • Control access to agents by different levels:  The travel agency can also control their agents from accessing important information to certain levels. This is necessary as it would offer more security and privacy.
  • 24/7 support system: The best thing about B2C and B2B travel portal software is the user will get 24 hour support all day whenever faced with any kind of issue. They can fix issues and bugs in the online booking system so that the clients don’t have to wait to book their travel products.
  • Agent Management:- Travel agencies can manage multiple agents located at different locations across the world. Travel technology can provide system to manage their sub agent (b2b2b) and also can provide white label solution.
  • Mark ups and discount: Travel agencies can also manage multiple marks and discounts structure at various levels.
  • B2B Agent Dashborad: A flexibility for B2B Reseller’s provides a Online Booking Engine to Subagents. Subagents can create & manage their own Booking without any dependency on the Xhost (provider of B2B Agent Dashboard).

All in all, any aspiring or established travel agency should adopt B2C and B2B travel portal solution in order to accomplish their organizational goals easily. QuadLabs is a renowned and leading travel technology provider that helps travel agencies to develop reliable and user friendly online booking systems for B2B and B2C, so that they can easily attract the potential customers from all over the world.



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