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We're an average tour operator from the Maldives and looking for partnerships (Great benefits for both parties)

Hey all.

My name is Shinan.

I own a little travel company and recently got everything set up.

We already have:

- A website with everything set up:

- Contracts and DMC rates from a lot of Maldives resorts and hotels

- A proper workplace and a small team

- Advertised on Google Adwords (However, not much traffic from there)

And we're currently looking for foreign travel agents to get involved with. Preferably agents who are familiar with Maldives and its tourism.

Having the advantage of marketing one of the most beautiful and loved holiday destination, Seaside Holidays Maldives offers holidays to all types of tourists from all over the world.

We have:

Budget Tours
Luxury Tours
Hotel Bookings
Tailor-made Holidays
Liveaboard Holidays
Diving Holidays
Honeymoon Holidays

And many more to offer..

See, we already have all the basics and essentials up and running.

However the problem is, we haven't received much traffic and no actual inquiries so far.

So we've decided to do some B2B for a while and see how things turn out. We would be really happy to work with foreign agents on a 15% (on total price) referral commission basis. If you have other schemes in mind, feel free to share with us please.

Please help.

Thanks much.


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No replies?

OK I will jump in ;)

15% is a good commission IF you have done some of the technical work too. For example if you have your data (tours / hotels) in a product distribution system (such as, I will admit, our one - TourCMS, which has a few hundred specialist tour operators in) (We also run these forums)

Then you would be able to get your product data (descriptions, images, dates, prices) to agents and travel websites - with just a couple of clicks (once setup).

Otherwise, agents will probably want a larger % - because they are going to have to do a lot of work to set you up - and that will be work that they have to each do (if you do deals with 10 agents, they would each need to load the tours into their own system)

At the moment who is going to work with you how you currently are setup? Hotels - agents already have systems for hotels and they probably have similar contracts to you have....... so you haven't made it easy for them to work with (or accommodation based tours) can inspire people to come to your destination in the first place... and I know a few agents who would feature that - IF you had your descriptions etc in a distribution system.

Sounds like that is the big missing at the moment........

Cheers. Alex

Our resorts pages have their corresponding descriptions, details, images and starting price as well. If an agent wants more information, I'm sure i can easily provide anything from rates to even images etc.

Since the website is already established, up and running, I think it'd be quite difficult to integrate a CMS.

We always have the ratesheets and stufff with us.

How do you suggest we should work with other agents being the way we are? Do you think I should send them the ratesheets and let them do their work?

I'm really confused.

Shinan, hi, I visited your website.

As a new start up tour operator I found your web site very cluttered with multiple offerings. Do you have any travel products that will give you competitive advantages over other offers? What is your unique selling proposition or USP? My suggestion is that you find 1 travel product that you can offer on your website that is unique and gives you a competitive advantage over everyone else. You then make this core travel product the center of your website and highlight it on the home page.

I am the founder of the Travel Business Academy where we teach global entrepreneurs how to start and grow a travel business. We teach entrepreneurs how to create a one-of-kind travel products and how to create USPs and or products that give you an advantage over others. I really think this is what you need to start. Once you have one great product that sells it will be easier for travel agents and marketplaces like the TourCMS marketplace to sell your product.

Good Luck!

Matt Zito

Matt Zito is a veteran travel industry entrepreneur, consultant and founder of the world’s first ever, Travel Business Academy, a professional member-based, home-study program that teaches entrepreneurs globally, how to start and run a travel business. To learn more visit the Travel Business Academy or email




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