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I am Croatian resident and I want to start a limited company in UK.  The company will be a tour specialist for adventure travel in Croatia. This means the company will offer, on its site tour packages of other Croatian agencies.

Similar business model has

So I’ll appreciate if you can answer few questions.

What is required to open such business that is, travel company in the UK?

Do I need any licenses to work as a travel company in the UK?

Thank you,

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Here's some information for starters about starting a UK business:

That tells you the different legal structures available and how to set up.

If you are selling what constitutes packages (see the interpretation section), you will need to comply with the UK Package Travel regulations:

Those will give you a good idea of requirements and what to do next.


Thanks for your response. I'm gonna read it.

Although, looking at that site example you sent, looks like they are working as an affiliate/media - in effect driving direct sales to the supplier operators (the supplier takes the booking from the customer directly, be it online or via the phone) in which case you are not selling the packages yourself and the package regulations need not apply.

However, you will in addition in all above cases also have to comply with advertising standards - particularly sensitive around accurate pricing of holidays online:


To Mihovil,

If you decide to 'sell' your holidays as a UK registered business, rather than pass the client (refer) directly to the Croatian supplier to make the booking; collect funds; and invoice the client, you will fall under the Package Travel Regulations (PTR). 
Compliance with the PTR's means protecting the client’s money and bookings you are making as a business.

 The Travel Trust Association (TTA) can certainly assist a new (or existing) UK travel business with complying with the PTR's. TTA members operate their own independent trust account to protect the client’s funds. They then pay their suppliers from their trust account (before or after the client travels), and transfer their profit into their business bank account.

TTA also offer the following:
1) An ATOL licence called a T-ATOL which is low cost, issued from the CAA directly, and has no bonding requirements.
2) Merchant facilities to take card payments from the telephone, face-to-face or from your website at low cost.
3) Access to over 300 suppliers who provide flights, ferry, accommodation, rail, transfers, cruises, car hire and holiday packages. You can use these suppliers, your own suppliers, or a mixture of the two if you wish.
4) PI, Public Liability, Employers Indemnity insurance.
5) Full industry support.
6) Software to issue your documentation to clients.
7) Honey Comb (a reservation system to search & book flights; accommodation, cruises, transfers & car hire.)

Feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you have any questions on TTA membership.
Kind regards,

Matt Skilton.
t: 01483 545787
Travel Trust Association



If your clients are going to be from the EU then you will need to comply with the Package Directive. This states that you will need to provide financial protection for your clients. There are a number of different ways in which you can do this (joing a trade association, bond, insurance or trust account).

If you are going to include flights then there maybe other financial protection schemes you need to consider. For example, if you sell flight packages to UK customers, you will also need an ATOL.



Hi Mihovil,

That should be enough information to get you started.

If your interested in a complete start up package as a UK tour operator then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best of luck!



Hi Mihovil

I am Diana.

I guess you have started your travel agency company in the UK?

I am going to start the same business idea in the UK but the tour will be in my country, Indonesia. 

Would you like to share with me how to start it?

I plan to make a trial website first before dealing with the Legal or the paper works. 

Kind Regards,



Can you provide me with contract details i want to sart new business where i am planing to offer packged tours.






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