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We are a small company that is targeting travel as one part of our business. We intend to market, sell and operate small volume special interest travel programs in Europe (initially UK and Sweden). My initial concern is finding solutions around legal set up/protection.


So, does anyone know of a resource in the U.S. where I can find answers to this type of question?


Are there companies that we could outsource some of the work to, thereby taking advantage of their set up? (Though I have tour management and content experience – and don’t want to make the trip too expensive by adding a middle man if it can be avoided.)


Finally, I would be interested in knowing about European companies that could help me with purchasing.



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Hi Phil

I assume from your profile that you are looking to send US nationals to UK and Sweden. Financial protection relates to where you/your customers are based as opposed to your destinations.

Each state in the US operates slightly different rules so you will need to comply with the requirements for the state in which you intend to operate from. Will this be from New York?



Thanks Matt.

All sales will be online. The company is Massachusetts based.

Hi Phil, as a travel business on Massachusetts you have to register the business as a travel business but there is no specific licence required and you do not need to put financial protection in place.






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