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Hi All

Few questions on the TTA

They have the TAPS method of paying suppliers. Does this alleviate the cashflow problems if only using TAPS suppliers? ie you can pay the suppliers before the client goes on holiday and at the same time the client pays so you dont have to stump up the cash for the holiday at the outset? How does this work with paying deposits? Do you have to pay the supllier the full amount or can the full amount be requested by the supplier 90 days before travel?

Is there anyone out there who only uses the homeycomb system with the tta and uses the group atol?

With TAPS does your cut still stay in the client account til after the client travels or can you get it before?

Ive heard there are exit fees if you decide to leave is this true?



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Hi Colin, 

I hope you're well? Better late than never hopefully, it may be worth a chat if you're still needing answers to your queries? 

You can reach me on 01483 545780, or feel free to pop me a message with your number and I'll get in touch to discuss. 

Kind regards,


Group Recruitment Manager, The Travel Network Group. 

Is it possible to answer these questions on the forum rather than in a private call so that others can benefit? I'd also be very interested in the responses from TTA as I'm thinking of joining.

Hi Martin, 

Of course, I prefer a conversation as it often allows for additional queries and can generally provide a quicker resolution than on the forums. I've had a chat with our TAPS Team and they have given the below information, which I hope helps. In essence though; yes, it does indeed alleviate the cashflow issue. 

How it works


• TAPS is a Payment Scheme allowing Travel Trust members and suppliers to make direct debiting arrangements via TAPS website online.


The Service

• The service is designed to help members and suppliers reduce administration and bank charges. It has also enabled members to improve customer service,

there are no concerns with late bookings Tickets on Departure, and payment is protected under the TTA Members’ Financial Protection.


1.         Bookings The Member places bookings with TAPS Suppliers in the normal manner; any amendments or cancellation are made as required 

2.         Suppliers The operator / supplier produces weekly listings of deposits and amounts due for payment as invoiced these transactions are downloaded to Travel Trust Association  via the TAPS Website by 16.00pm every Friday 

3.         View Intended Transactions. Members and Suppliers can access TAPS from 09.00hs Saturday to 16.00hrs Wednesday to view their intended transactions 

4.         On-line authorising Members may authorise / reject their transactions on the TAPS website (E.g. by authorising/deleting an amount already paid, amount not due, cancelled Booking etc) 

5.         BACS Extraction. The transactions will sit on the Travel Trust Association Business system until 16.00hrs Wednesday After this cut-off point, the system extracts all authorised transactions for processing this period and prepares the BACS live submission file. This file consists of one consolidated debit instruction to both Members and Suppliers - hence Single Payment Scheme. 

6.         Funds Transfer. The Travel Trust Association TAPS holding account debits the members on Fridays and credits the suppliers account after approval form the TTA Trustee on a scheduled day agreed 

7.         TTA provides protection for a tour operator/supplier

Deposits can be taken, as long as the balance is collected by the supplier due date. Your profit can be released as soon as the supplier has been paid. 

In terms of leaving fees, I'm pleased to inform you that there aren't any.

I hope this helps to answer the queries, but please do let me know if you need anything else.

Best wishes,





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