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Hi, The Website - does anyone know if they are a legitimate companies?

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Hi there

Yes I am sure they are legitimate (although this is only from knowing about them, not from any first hand experience of their service)

The larger question is are they the most useful way to solve your commercial challenge? Plenty of companies that offer flight / hotel affiliate services at no upfront cost. These people though offer a complete website that you have to pay for (one benefit being saving you web design costs).

Now this may be exactly what you want, but its a competitive market with quite a few suppliers - so you should shop around before making your own decision on this - based on what you actually need. 

Best wishes


Hello Jaco du Plessis,
Thanks for your query. The answer of your question is 'Yes, it is'. Travelerrr is the leader in turnkey and custom based websites. We are into Travel affiliate Business. Actually we don't do business, we create businesses. One can start his Online Travel business with out any hesitation and with little investment into it. The website is fully monetized and ready to make income, check demo ( The website we prepare is fully automated self updating. Coming on to Affiliates, we have the best Travel affiliates (, of the Travel Industry. Other than that, Travelerrr is one which will provide you life time support and some greatest tips to promote your website
Katherine Page

Warning!!! I have had a very bad experience with I would be very, very weary of them and their 'products'. I brought two of their GoFly branded websites that are sold as ready to go. They were not. The formatting was all over the place. I asked for a refund along with a downgrade in the custom package I had purchased, when I lost confidence in them to deliver what I would eventually need. Note I asked for a downgrade, in acknowledgement of the work they had done. When I approached with this and the faulty GoFly websites, they were incredibly deflective. Wouldn't answer many of my questions, all I would get was silence. I knew something was up after I'd looked at the Paypal invoice again after I'd paid, to see it was billed to an email address websitehoarder@.... I believe that is the owners address and he has avoided me completely since I came to the company with a complaint despite numerous requests to make contact. It has been very, very frustrating. I offered to return the GoFly websites for free if they'd just downgrade the package to something more reasonable. I am not completely without fault, but I would seriously think twice about using this company. Go somewhere else as, as another poster has said, you can get a similar thing, if not much better, for less cost.

I just wanted to follow up to Andrew Lawson's comments. I work with Travelerrr and have been helping with Andrew's project since he ordered on August 16, 2017. Since the order we have been helping him with his websites including goflycuba .com , goflyhawaii .com and birdingcentral .com . He has threatened and insulted us the entire project. Attached is screenshot of email support provided to Andrew along with the website links above to see proof of delivery. Andrew had buyers remorse more than a month after he ordered and after our development team had completed all the work and now spreads negative reviews about our company. We provide ongoing technical support for all of our customers websites. 




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