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I recently asked my webmaster this simple question:

How many new travel clients are waiting to be uploaded onto 

Answer:  Lots!

I asked again: 

How many, in number. are waiting to be added?

Answer: Too Many!
He is no longer with us!  I found that we actually had around 200 new travel clients waiting to have their direct booking discount offers listed for members of TheTopTravelClub, WorldPrivilegeClub and AussieTravelSaver. We have now appointed a new Top Webmaster and built TOPs.
We exorcised that IT gremlin, we built a new  fully automated system that allows any travel operator to add, change or delete their own member travel offers by simply logging into their own account under our Travel Operator Promotions system (TOPs).   We are now offering a bigger, better and superior experience for our travel operators, still at no cost and of course we still offer them free family membership in The Top Travel Club for their own savings on travel and shopping in over 100 countries....and counting.
Although we will never be finished improving our programs and systems, we are happy to introduce our upgraded websites and international travel programs based on the ‘Costco’ model of -  wholesale and outlet prices for members of the clubs - with this invitation for you to consider....
Travel and Tourism business operators:
If you operate a travel business or travel-related business and want to get direct bookings from members of the 3 Clubs......Why not use our ‘Courtesy Listing’ services?
It’s so simple.... just go to the Travel Operators area at  and click on the ‘Add Your Site’ link to review our TopTravelVoucher program of Direct Booking Discounts.  If our program fits in with your own marketing and promotion goals, simply add your own offers by opening a complimentary TOPs account with us and set up your own promotions to our members. You will have full control of the offers which we recommend to be on a ‘kiss’ (keep it super simple) basis for conditions and expiry dates. You will be handling all enquiries directly from members.
We do not charge any fees or commissions for any of our services to any business that offers direct booking savings or unique deals to our fact, we will even offer you a complimentary family membership for your own savings on travel and shopping in over 100 countries.
We do however require that your offer is a True, Fair and Honest saving for our members and is not available to non-members and we ask you to ask yourself.... “Would I take this offer?”
Coming soon... a 'Top Daily Deals' section that will compete with all of the daily deals sites (for travel) .... We will not be charging any commissions or fees for this service to the members of all three clubs.  Travel operators registered with TOPs and offering TopTravelVouchers will keep 100% of their sales revenues from these deeply discounted future deals or last minute offers.
We welcome all feedback, ideas and suggestions about our Travel Operator Promotions system?  Simply contact us from our website links... cheers,

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