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Good day,


I would like to know more efficient methods of getting traffic routed to our company. We are a relatively small company founded in 1999.


We do okay but would like to assist in getting more people and/or travel agents sending people to south africa and to our company


Many Thanks


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Hi Frans

Welcome to the forums!

Before you start spending too much money on sending traffic to your website I think you need to add much more tour information to your website.

At the moment, like many companies who can organise pretty much anything, you have a list of services. What you need is a list of products / sample itineraries / sample prices.

Then you will find your website will convert better - then you can spend more money to get traffic to your website as you know it will be worth your while...... 

Only a thought


Hi Alex

Firstly many thanks, you advice is highly appreciated i will get to it immediately.



Your current website address doesn't say much about the kind of tours you're selling. If I was in your position, I was going to introduce multiple targeted websites that would sell the respective tours you're focused on...

1. Get a domain about 'affordable adventure'
  • it gets 320 local searches per month.

2. Get a domain about "honeymoon packages/specials" that is what prospective guests search for online. 
  • Honeymoon Packages gets 1,300 local searches per month.
  • Honeymoon Specials receives 320 local searches per month.
This approach will help you narrow down your online activity and be able to measure which niche keyword brings the most bookings.

It's not a sin for a business to own more than one targeted websites, instead it helps improve your bookings without investing heavily on short-time ads.

Remember that you're in competition with well financed businesses who have huge budgets for only have to be innovative in order to compete with their budgets.




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