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I know this is a long shot but hey it might be worth asking!!!


I have some travel agents that want to stock my tours, I want to write a contract, I don't want to pay a solicitor a lot of money. Does anybody have a contract I could copy?


I have written a contract myself but it may be a bit sloppy.


I would really appreciate it and would think you are a very nice person... 

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If it isn't too much to ask ... I'd like to be cc'd on this email with a sample copy of the travel agency contract(s) between myself (a tour operator and travel agent), and clients.

My email is

Thank you,

Shane Mahoney

Hi Matt,

A starting template would be great use for me at this point. I would be eternally grateful if you could send me a copy!



Hi Matt

I recently started a tour operator in London and am looking for a contract template between TO and travel agents. Could you kindly share it with me as well? My email is Many tks 

How is your new venture doing mate? You have something share with East Africa? let us know. We love to learn..and earn too.

We operate in kenya, Uganda, Tanzania Rwanda, Ethiopia and Madagascar. Please drop us the contract copy to Appreciated.

Could I kindly request a copy please to , many thanks

Bula Matt...I own a tour operate here in Fiji and would like your assistance in sending me your contract...

my email:

Ben...Check out our TOPs system at and see if it is suitable for your contracts and no fees to list, link or sell at net prices to our members.

Hi Mat, could you please send me the contract template as well? address is



Hi Matt,

I would also like to have that template, kindly send to

Hi Matt

my name is Gianluca D'Alia, I am wrting form Palermo and I will get a licence of TO in february for my local development cooperative. I have a long experience in the organisation of tours in the rural areas of sicily but I have never managed contracts, booking forms, agreements with other tour operators, travel agents, private clients. I would really much appreciate if you could give me any template or point me out sources to obtain such templates to be used a san example for my activity.

Thanks so much


Hi Matt,

I run a small company here in Malawi and have been getting offers to do ground operations for travel agents.

I lack a sound contract that i can work with with these companies.

Could you please send me the sample contract agreement to my email





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