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I know this is a long shot but hey it might be worth asking!!!


I have some travel agents that want to stock my tours, I want to write a contract, I don't want to pay a solicitor a lot of money. Does anybody have a contract I could copy?


I have written a contract myself but it may be a bit sloppy.


I would really appreciate it and would think you are a very nice person... 

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Hi Richard

I have a contract you can use as a starting template, send me a private message with your email address and I can send it through.


Hi Matt,


I recently started a tour firm in kenya and would mostly be a DMC. i am currently looking for agents to work with mostly in UK and USA. could please give me guidance on this. thanks.





Dear Matt,


My name is Isabelle, I am new on this forum and in the business in tours in Thailand.

I have read one of your threads mentionning a contract that you have regarding agent and I am very interested especially since I spent the whole morning trying to find one.

Would you mind sharing it with me???


Many thanks,





Hi Matt,

We are a newly created incoming agency in Switzerland and we are looking for a sample contract between TO and Travel Agent we could use as a template to create our own contract. May I ask you if you could send me the one you have and you were talking about in this discussion? That would be a great help!

Kind regards,



Would be great if I could have a copy of this too, if that's ok

Dear Matt, 

I would be also interested in a template for Tour Operator - Travel Agency agreement. Our newly established travel agency in Slovakia will be launched in next few weeks and I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you


I would also very much appreciate a copy of the contract. Thank you very much in advance.



Hi Matt

Hope your well please be so kind and email me a sample contract as well. I will really apprciate it. you can email it to


Hope to hear from you soon.




Could you send me one to
Many Thanks.


Many thanks for offering to help out.  Could you please send me the contract at maxmjacobson at(SPAM)

I'm just starting up and would very much appreciate the help.



Dear Matt, My name is Michael Schneider from 56th parallel (

Would you be so kind to send me a copy of agency contract as well.

Much appreciated.

I would be honoured if you have a look at our site and product as well, we have just launched and very excited.

Hi Matt,

Please send a copy of this contract to Thanks a lot.





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