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Globalization of businesses and companies has increased in travel frequencies for managing resources and proceedings in offices across countries. Everything from customer meetings, new deal signings, business growth planning, training, visiting potential markets etc. requires employees to travel for business. This makes corporate travel a large contributor towards company’s expenses and since it plays a vital role in the business strategy it can’t be neglected. As per the studies done by researchers, the corporate travel is expected to grow and strain company’s finances. Hence, there has been more interest towards improving the travel technology so that the companies can sustain a healthy travel plan within a minimal budget.

QuadLabs that is a travel technology solution provider that has built world-class travel portals for companies to benefit from. Its travel technology products have set benchmarks in the travel industry. This company was started in 2006 in India and has expanded its base in Brazil and UAE as well. Being in this business for more than a decade now, it understands the travel market and has the right expertise to deliver high-quality products to its customers. Technology is an important aspect of online booking systems and the team at QuadLabs constantly focuses on improving their product’s technologies. This team’s recent completion of the NDC developer certification is an example of their continuous hard work and dedication towards designing reliable and scalable travel technology platforms.

A good travel booking system with the latest technological advancements can reduce the travel budget in a significant way. Automation enables fast and easy travel bookings and makes the tool self-sufficient. The NDC helps the portal to connect directly with the airline database and show the real-time status of the service requested by the user. Therefore, the user can access details like Wi-Fi, seat selection, meal, baggage etc. when booking a flight. The integration of policies and approval workflows streamlines the booking process and saves a company from compliance violations. Expense management is simple in these portals as all the finances are centralized and can be tracked on a real-time basis. Even employees can generate and submit reports almost immediately after the booking process is complete. Mobile application of these tools further simplifies the travel management process by enabling on-the-go bookings for employees. Tracking employees to ensure their safety can also be done through these portals.

All these features have been possible due to technological advancements happening in the information technology industry. Addition of technology in travel management system has enhanced the user experience for business travel planning. These online booking portals not only save time and energy for a user but also help in streamlining business processes and optimizing revenue. This further helps a company in creating a good business strategy to grow their business globally. By having a dedicated travel booking system the companies can run their business with more efficiency and their employees get to focus more on productive work thereby helping the business in generating more revenue. Make sure that you get the best-in-class online booking portal for your business.

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