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Start up Scuba Diving travel agency, advice greatly received!

Good morning,

I am in the process of starting a Scuba Diving travel agency that will (at the moment) not sell flights; only accommodation and dive packages or liveaboard dive boat trips.

I'm a bit confused about how the best way to remain compliant is and also who exactly I must remain compliant with! I've been doing so much research online my brain has got a bit fried. I've done a lot of reading on the TTA and Travel Vault and what they can offer but truth be told I don't know whats best for my business?

Any help or advice would be greatly received.


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I just landed in your message and I think I can give you a lot of advice regarding starting Scuba diving travel agent. I had similar questions and similar thoughts when I stared up. I become a member of TTA for two years and ended up to close my account, be careful of what you purchase when comes to license and protections for your tours as it is an investment in you and your business form their side.

It is all about what is involved in the tour/diving package. and there is a lot of ways to reduce cost as a startup.

If you want to speak for more advice you can reply to this message.



Sounds great thanks for getting in touch. I've sent a friend request so we can message as I'd love to have a chat.

Thanks again


Hi Christopher, 

I speak to people looking to set up travel business on a daily basis who are often confused about all of the information. I can break it down very simply as what you need to have in place to be compliant, run through all of the various option to you including TTA, Travel Vault and also ourselves, PTS. By the end of the conversation you will have a good idea of which product will work best for you. 

Please let me know the best number and we can discuss further. 

Kind Regards


It would be a great idea actually. 

This sounds really great. 

Hi! Christopher,

I'm delighted to offer scuba diving holiday packages in Maldives.

You may work with me for booking accommodation and diving arrangements in Maldives.

Let me know if this makes sense for you. I can be reached on email:






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