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Let me firstly give a quick intro about myself. I have over 8 years of travel experience both in the flights only and holiday sectors in the Uk market. I have been working for one of the leading UK travel companies, by heading the operations in the call center based in Sri Lanka. 

I have since left the company and started by own with 2 other partners. The company has been registered in the Uk already (Halo Travels & Tours Uk Ltd) and website is under construction,

The bottleneck we are facing currently is opening a Business bank account to carry out our travel agent activities and receive payments for our products and services. This has proven to be a really hectic task, with highstreet banks not allowing non UK residents to open business bank accounts. Any advice on how we can resolve this issue or if there is an alternative way to receive payments for our products, would be highly appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi Mohammad, You will find that to open a UK bank account the business will need to be registered in the UK and if the offices are not based in the UK you will need a director to be based in the UK. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance with acquiring merchant services. 

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