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Start Online Travel Agency from home to sell flight tickets only


I am from Sweden and want to start a small home business in the travel business here in Sweden, but I do not have any experience from travel agency. My aim is to have an online travel agency that only sells flight tickets to begin with (example The website should sell travels from all over the world but the costumers will be mainly from Sweden because we want the site directed towards the swedish market.

My main problems to be able to start the home business are the following:

1. I need a complete website with front-end, booking engine, payment gateway, PCI compliant etc. According to the information I have it is very expensive to build such a website and I will probably have to pay a big monthly fee for maintanence and booking fees, and that is just too much for a small homebusiness to start with. Plus that there are additional payments for online licenses for the GDS systems that I want to use etc.

2. I do not have any IATA license/certificate. I can get the license here in Sweden but I need to wait until septembet 2014 to be able to do the test and have the license, and that is just too long time.

3. I have never used a GDS system (amadeus, sabre etc) nor do I know IATA. I beleive that I need to somehow get IATA and GDS training before I start the business...

I have tried to solve the three problems above by going through a host agency but the good ones I have found online are actually USA based and they only take in companies registered in the US. What are your suggestions? what is the best way for me to setup this OTA for my homebusiness and tackle the three problems above. I am well aware that the business inevitably will have startup costs and I will need to put much time into it, but at the same time I do not want to waste unnecessary time and money.

Kind Regards

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Hi Moram

As discussed, in order to deal with the airlines direct you would need IATA. We can assist you with the IATA application if you need any help on that side.




Hope you are doing well.

We have developed a online website for one of our client.

 We have experience in developing the OTA, as we are IT company assisting Travel Agents to develop their own Online Travel Booking Portal. 

Not all API Provider needs IATA Approval.

For more detail please send me an email on

Thank you

If you don't have IATA you won't be able to deal with the airlines direct. You can still get access to the seats but they would need to via another IATA agent who would act as an intermediary.



Hi Moram,

I know from experience in my previous job that setting up your own travel business selling flights would be extremely expensive undertaking and with no guarantee of success.

I seriously suggest that you trial your business using a white label website with an affiliate partner such as Dohop. Details of their program can be found here

All you need is a good looking flights based website theme and installation of dohop is as simple as pasting some code to the homepage. You could also customise the search box by setting the default departure airport to Stockholm.  Here is an example of a good looking website using Dohop at

Hope this helps

Kind regards


Hello Moram,

That is agreat idea,we as would really love to work with you,please do feel free to drop a mail.

Hi Moram, I signed in to this website just to write to you. I have an innovative idea about flight booking websites and I'm planning to build a website for a global market in need. I've been making a research on these questions you were asking since I have no experience or background in this area. It's been like 5 years since you posted this and I am actually curious if you were able to make what you thought or did something changed your mind... I would be greatful hearing from you. You can reply directly here or at


Emre Utku Solak

Please share your contact

Please share your contact

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Hi, sure. Lets talk.  I think I  might have a solution. Cheers





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