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Start Online Travel Agency from home to sell flight tickets only


I am from Sweden and want to start a small home business in the travel business here in Sweden, but I do not have any experience from travel agency. My aim is to have an online travel agency that only sells flight tickets to begin with (example The website should sell travels from all over the world but the costumers will be mainly from Sweden because we want the site directed towards the swedish market.

My main problems to be able to start the home business are the following:

1. I need a complete website with front-end, booking engine, payment gateway, PCI compliant etc. According to the information I have it is very expensive to build such a website and I will probably have to pay a big monthly fee for maintanence and booking fees, and that is just too much for a small homebusiness to start with. Plus that there are additional payments for online licenses for the GDS systems that I want to use etc.

2. I do not have any IATA license/certificate. I can get the license here in Sweden but I need to wait until septembet 2014 to be able to do the test and have the license, and that is just too long time.

3. I have never used a GDS system (amadeus, sabre etc) nor do I know IATA. I beleive that I need to somehow get IATA and GDS training before I start the business...

I have tried to solve the three problems above by going through a host agency but the good ones I have found online are actually USA based and they only take in companies registered in the US. What are your suggestions? what is the best way for me to setup this OTA for my homebusiness and tackle the three problems above. I am well aware that the business inevitably will have startup costs and I will need to put much time into it, but at the same time I do not want to waste unnecessary time and money.

Kind Regards

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hi Moram GDS  system only takes you a month or less and you can do and pay all IATA papers online  or alternatively employ asomeone who has that knowledge then you can learn from him

Hi Lydiah

Thanks for your reply, but were can I have a GDS training and certification in one month? I am very interested in doing so if it is possible for me to do from here in Sweden. 

hi, you can buy an ebook from iata online and pay the exams online still plus all iata programs are online

Hi Moram,

I work with Quadlabs, a travel technology company based out of India. To answer your questions:

1. We have a complete system that caters to your specific requirement including B2C booking engine, payment gateway integrations. We have both an Enterprise and a cloud version. The cloud version is lighter on the pockets and we allow the customer to upgrade to Enterprise at any time by paying the difference. 

2. You do not need IATA, most online travel agencies prefer to use the IATA code of an existing Travel agency in the region as they often have better negotiated rates. One can also contract with multiple travel agencies for region specific deals.

3.  Not needed nowadays

I understand that you want to test the waters with this business model to begin with. Our system is integrated with flights, hotel, insurance, cars, sightseeing and transfers in addition to over a 100 payment gateways. We allow our customers to build the solution module-wise to cater to their specific needs.

Keep in mind that once the business grows you will need a platform that has the capability to grow with the site load and the high number of bookings as a result. 

Do feel free to reach out to me for a product demonstration. Good luck with your venture.


It was nice to see your wonderful Article full!

Answer is quite great to dilver though much is require to do with the all 3 options suggested here.

Hi Koushai,

We are planning to start an online agency in Dubai very soon and we are looking for a host agency. Are you able to provide such services like mentioned above for a start up support?



Hi Moram,

Contact me on

I need the system.

Please share your contact

My suggestions are:
1. Look for a software company that sells an online booking tool. There's lots of them out there that you can find using a search engine. You could also take a look at who is exhibiting at the Travel Technology Show in London next month: Or take up Koushal's offer.

2. Koushal is right - you don't need to start with an IATA license. You can ticket through an agency with an IATA license, and you can find them in Sweden. You will probably find answers by talking with a Swedish travel agency rather than finding information on their website.

3. Again, you don't need to start with this.

Hope this helps,


Yes this is legitimate business to earn money online because Major travel companies are willing to pay high commission and affiliate payouts in order to stay competitive online.A next generation Travel Booking site that searches hundreds of travel providers and brings back the lowest priced results.visit for detailed information about these travel booking sites.

If you want to stand in this competitive market, you need to spend some money, but it will be return to you shortly by means of business. Given suggestions are great to try.


We are IT company working in Travel and Tourism domain.

Yes, we can develop  website for you.

We have ready made demo website for flight ticket booking.

Our developed website:

We can provide you all the features provided in the above mentioned website.

Kindly email me in for detailed discussion.

Looking forward for your kind reply.

Thank you




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