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Good afternoon everybody!

Our company from Russia(St.Petersburg)-DMC and MICE. We are looking for good partners(outcoming operators from different countries) who send their tourists to Russia. We are ready to  suggest all services you need(individual and group). We invite to cooperation!

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If you deal directly with travellers our program at may be of interest to will need to offer net of commission prices for our cost to list and link with us.

Thank you very much! We'll think about it and try!

Hi We would like to be your partner.

dear MNAS!

We are ready to help you organize all services for your clients. You can just wright an e-mail with all detailes and we'll try to suggest you best prices. Note,that we're also MICE company and if you have clients who want to organize their business deals in Russia we are also ready to help(f.ex. conferences, seminars ets,)


I just send email to you.

Thank you!

Good afternoon,

My name is George and a member of SFBO and am a tour operator based in kenya under the name  GLOBAL VIEW TOURS & SAFARIS LTD  and  i would be interested in partnering with you in sending tourists to Russia and Kenya.

Looking forward to cooperation.



Good afternoon, George!

Thank you for your reply! If you have any inquiries about Russia, don't hesitate contact me! We'll send you all information you need with prices!


Hello Irina

I am very interested in working with you . I suggest at least 6 months discussion with you to explore how we can work together . Currently I am setting up a UK based Travel Agency that specialises in Health And Leisure in Central & Eastern Europe. As soon as my web site is complete I will send you a link.

One thing that I will state from the beginning is that I do not book flights . What we do offer is Tailor made tours .

Please reply if you would like to discuss further .

Thank you

Good afternoon, Vijay!

Thank you for your message!  If I understand correct your travel agency offer also tours to Russia? If yes, we can discuss the ways of our working together.  You can wright in my e-mail:

Hello Irina

Thank you for the reply. I am currently in the early stages of setting up my travel business and I really am a small fish in a big ocean .

As soon as my website is up an running I will send you a link and you can see what we are all about .

When my business gains strength I would like to explore collaboration with you . I am particularly interested in business travel market.

I could envisage working with someone in Russia to offer services to European Business Travellers .

Services such as city tours , Spa , hotel , restaurant recommendations .

I dnt know maybe this is not what you had in mind . Please let me know your thoughts .

Many thanks



You're on the right way now. We offer all services you need in Russia(as city tours, hotels, restaurants, tickets(theatres,concerts, etc.) So when you'll be ready give me the link.

Best wishes,Irina




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