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My first post here, thank you for accepting me and I hope to get to know some of you better. I run a small business called BookMyTrail at

All is going pretty good, I've streams of advertising which work well and we are building robust systems to help manage bookings and keep things organized.

One thing I am struggling with is receipts. Keeping a receipt for the printer I just purchased is easy, I stick it in Xero and forget about it unless HMRC requires it. 

However, for accommodation suppliers, I am having difficulties with receipts. Here's why.

For my bookings I use any number of accommodations for as many nights booked. So if a client books 10 nights they have 10 different B&Bs. Collecting confirmations from B&Bs can be a challenge and the only receipt I have to go on is a reply to my confirmation email saying 'Thanks Matt, I can confirm I have that booking in the diary'.

I've then got to save these emails to PDF and import them into Xero. This is so time-consuming.

There has to be a better way. Any thoughts?

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