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Hi all,

My husband and I are hoping to turn our dream onto a reality and start a tour operator business up for Southern Africa. My husband has a plus point in for South Africa and Botswana and at the moment, our focus is Botswana where he holds residency and working visa. We have extensive knowledge and ideas and feel we have a niche in this market, being able to offer tours that are currently not being offered.

But the big question is, where/how do we start? We are working on a business plan and have looked into PTS, but is PTS def required on a start up? Funds are not in abundance, although we are looking at financial support in Botswana and going into partnership to make this happen.

We want to be based out of the UK, as we currently reside in London. 

Can anyone help point us in the right direction and treat us with kid gloves, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Katie,

Thank you for your question, I am a tour operator based in Kenya and my target Market is in the Europe, USA and the Middle East. I honestly think it would be wise to have the office in the UK where your target clients are and have the operations done in Africa. One of you could run the office in London and the other run the operations in Botswana.

My sincere thoughts and best wishes in your venture.


I am a tour operator in Uganda whose target clients are travelers from Europe i think you can put up an office in Botswana and also have a small referral office in Uk this will make it easy for you with marketing and getting clients from Uk that you will be bringing to Africa.




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