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Hello !


I'm working (part time) as home based travel agent in Switzerland and as my business is growing, I'm now looking for a host agency or any other ways to have wholesale/suppliers prices (for flights, transfers and hotels) in order to increase my commissions.


I already wrote to many host agencies in the US, but I didn't find one who would like to cooperate with me as I don't live in the US. Will they accept if I have an adress in the US, like for example one on ?


If someone could help me, I'll very very happy...


Laurent (Switzerland)

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Hi Laurent,

Though we are not a host agency you could become our affiliate. We sell Maldives, a very good product when it comes to commissions.


Hello !


Thanks for your answer... I'll keep your address if one of my client would like to travel to Maldives.


i wanted to start my own home base travel agency, Currently i am from India, I am intersted in selling holiday packages international/cruises. 

Please let me know how can i be an affiliate agent with the best agencies and the process.

Well... It's very difficult, don't build a hotel booking engine, it's not worth it, try to work with and other big Tour Operators... Good luck, it's very difficult because the tourism industry is very competitive ! After, 10 years in it, I finally start to earn money !

Dear Laurent,

We are a Sri Lankan based tour operator. Sri Lanka is rated No. 1 by the "New York Times" in their "Best Places to Go" in 2010 list. Also rated No. 2 by the "National Geographic Channel" in their "World's Best Islands to Visit" list. We can offer great rates. We offer an A to Z service from airport pick-up to transportation, itineraries, guides, chauffeurs and accommodation to suit any budget. If you would like to have a business tie-up with us, please contact me. Visit our website at 


Have a successful day ahead,     

Hello ! Thanks for your post... My clients travel mostly in Europe but I'll have a look at your website and maybe give you some news if someone would like to travel to Sri Lanka...
Thank you Laurent. Have a successful business.

Hi Lauren,


The best way to achieve this is to join one of my network partners whom al have UK based registered Travel Agencies and already use homeworkers. By choosing the right partner we can even supply you with your own branded website all under their agency registration to keep everything legal. have a look at some of our network at and feel free to contact me to discuss the best way to go forward.





Hi Steve,

I want to have a general website, which must look like for example like : , , ! I'm not looking for a niche...


I also want to integrate on my website : hotelsites like or


And my last question is : how can I get any commissions on bookings ? My website will be mainly informative for my clients : they can see the price, pictures, choose a hotel, etc... Most of my clients are young and don't have a credit card, so I'll book with my credit card for them... I know it seems strange but my business is growing quickly even without any advertising by now...


If you can help, it would be very nice...


Laurent (Switzerland)

Hi Lauren

I would therefore recommend setting up a website using say Wordpress and then integrating widgets or white label solutions from companies such as 


A small word of caution - taking money from clients and then paying on their behalf using your CC without a 'client account' or any other bonding is a huge issue. Certainly - affiliating yourself with any of our agents as a homeworker would require some discussion on how best to work. Not sure there would be any commission left though after you split the small commission pay with a host agent.


Normally - commissions are paid to the agent who then splits with the homeworker - so you would receive commission from the agent, not the client.





Hi Laurent


I can help you out if you're interested in selling Malta along with some packages you already have. There are flights from Zurich if you're interested.


our website is


Feel free to contact me shall you wish to develop this conversation further. We can offer a great service to your clients and good commission for yourself.




Dear laurent,


good to know that you are looking for an agent to work with. Please let me know if you have any inquiries for kenya. i can give you net rates so that you mark up yourself, to increase on your margin.







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