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We are a mobile app company looking for TO partners who have a decent client base (regular clients visiting specific locations) and who are looking to provide a digital experience to customers for their services.

Our team have a worked with clients in the banking (RBS, Lloyds,Barclays) and tourism (TUI) industries and we are based in the UK (MIdlands and London). The app prototype has been completed and we are now looking for partners who keen to have a mobile app presence (digital), providing a seamless experience to their customers from initial viewing to booking and after sales; with great features meaning less paperwork for you,e-tickets for customers and a slick payment experience for both.

If you are keen to to get involved please contact me for an initial chat -



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Are you looking for day tours or multi-day tours?

Sounds like you are focused around the sales / booking process - so this is AHEAD of a trip yes? Rather than day tours, booked WITHIN a trip?

The proposition is to provide customer with options before or whilst on location, so it could be either or. We will offer a GPS service for them to help locate what they can do nearby or next....

So this is on behalf of the supplier yes? A bit like is for restaurants?

Yes indeed a bit like fuudey, helping TO get an app presence for their customers. 




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