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Mid-Office How important it is for travel business

Businesses nowadays are going global and have their presence in multiple countries all around the world. They have their corporate offices in many cities to support the business requirements. Hence, travel has become an integral part of these businesses due to customer meetings, training, audit visits etc. Though many companies consider travel as an extra burden on the company’s costs, it is necessary for networking, customer interaction, site visits, and face-to-face meetings. Therefore, it’s always advised for companies to have their own travel booking portals so that their employees can book travel tickets without any hassle and focus more on the business work. 

The MidOffice is a Central Booking Handling Interface that is designed to support any company’s travel requirements. This system efficiently handles all the bookings from the time of initiation to processing to the delivery of the final travel documents. This system is integrated with other third-party tools and the Booking Engine that boost its performance and make it efficient while performing traveling bookings. Some of the features that make this tool stand out among its competitors are:

  1. Centralized booking: This tool has the capability of handling a booking with multiple sale channels. The user can easily create a travel plan that involves multiple vendors. The customer relations ship management is inbuilt in this system as well.
  2. Policy Integration: Each company has its own set of standard policies that every employee has to adhere to. Tracking them during manual travel management is a tedious task. Such rules can be easily incorporated in the tool which will control any misuse of company resources during travel bookings.
  3. Direct supplier connects: This tool gives the flexibility to a user to negotiate inventories and manage complex bookings by connecting directly with the supplier or vendor. The tool also has a call interface option that they can use to oversee their booking as well. The administrative interface is also helpful in managing multiple booking attributes.
  4. Easy report generation: Various reports related to travel booking like tickets, financial details, sales agreements etc. are generated by a single click in the tool. This saves the user a lot of time while planning his or her travel.
  5. Robustness: the tool is highly efficient and handles any complex travel booking without any hassle. It’s mobile application also helps the user to track and manage their travel on the go. All transactions are executed in an automated way.

This travel CRM system is completely centralized and processes the booking without any intervention from people. The end-to-end automation makes these mid office systems highly useful for corporate houses. Invoice generation, travel finance reporting, managing complex sales and bookings, real-time supplier connectivity etc. are easily handled by this back office system for travel. Having this tool at your exposure will help you in your travel management and save a lot of time and energy for you and our employees. Do connect with the team at Quadlabs and get this robust, safe, and efficient travel management system for your company at the earliest. 

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