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I'm located in Israel 

And looking for a host agency that could provide me the resorts. 

I'm able to install the site and do all the techincal part but I need the Databases of wholesale prices.

I'm also looking to do round the world trips for Israelis. 

The main goal is of course to be working from home.

If anyone can help me with goals I would gladly accept their advice. 

Thank you. 

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Also what does it take to open your own host agency? Thanks.

Are you looking to do outgoing or also incoming?

If you want assistance in Nepal then inbox me. I've been operating tours and trekking in Nepal for Israelis since three years. 


Visit Ethiopia Land of Origin

Ethiopia Invites you to discover why it is the Origin of so much History and Culture, Vibrantly Alive in a landscape of dramatic Beauty.

1.Meskel festival

The festival of Maskel is celebrated across Ethiopia on the 26th of September to commemorate the unearthing of the True Holy Cross of Christ.

UNESCO selected the Meskel festival from among the 31 heritages presented to its 8th Conference of intangible cultural heritages.

2. Ethiopian Christmas – Genna (7 January)

While the Gregorian calendar celebrates Christmas on the 25th of December, Ethiopia still retains the ancient Julian calendar in which Christmas falls on January 7th (of the Gregorian calendar.) Its typically, a hot summer day and people in towns and villages dress up in their finest to celebrate. 

3.Ethiopia Timket (Epiphany) Celebration(January19)

The festival of Timket falls on January19 every year. It is observed in commemoration of Jesus Christ’s baptism in River Jordan. The celebration of Timket starts on the eve of the main festival.  The eve is known as ’Ketera’ and taken from the Amharic word ‘ketere’ meaning to  make a dam; it is usual to make a dam in some places where there is no enough river water for the celebration of Timket.

       Come to Visit Ethiopia and you will discover why Ethiopia is Original in many ways.

For more Information feel free to Contact us and Visit our Website







We would like to express our warmest welcome to you for working with us.

We are at "Mongolian Gobi Attractions" create customized Tours that suit our customers requirements and interests.
Our tours are available all over the year. Our tours can be modified according to your needs and requirements.

"Mongolian Gobi Attraction Tours" is owned by Mongol Family. We have over 10 years’ experience taking trips in Mongolia. 

For more information feel free to contact with us!

Greeting from Sri Lanka

This is a vibrant brand new company offering accomodation and tours in this amazing country.

We can offer specialist packages which might be 5,10, 12 or 14 days long under particular headings sunc as ;

Ayurvedic/Health and Wellbeing/Yoga

Watersports...Kite surfing/wind surfing/boating

Wildlife and Culture...elephants, peacocks,leopards,eagles.......vibrant music ad dance..religious festivals and processions

Beach Resorts...Unawatuna beach is in the top 10 in SE Asia but there is something for everyone..horseshoe shaped quiet beaches and commercial where you can see the beach for almost a kilometre and have a cocktail by the beautiful Indian 

Heritage...Buddhist temples and monasteries, Islam, a mosque where the first  moorish arab settlers established themselves on the western coast Christian,  One of the oldest civilisations in the world so amazing cultural diversity

Colombo A new city with skyscrapers and smart living. Luxurious apartments. Smart dining Chic Fast cars and shiney new 4x4 pickups.

What would you come for?

Our new collaboration is based on great hospitality.Our aim is to provide great experiences for our clients. We love to please! We have years of high end hospitality experience but also want to bring the same pleasure to middle and low budget customers. To that end we have just launched our backpackers Christmas package. It is already receiving great feedback. 

Please do get in touch (PM) and let us know how we can help each other.

And all the very best for your enterprise

Kind Regards

Marcia Cundy

CEO Sri Lanka Tours and Travel




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