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Is have website to sell tour, something like agoda?


I see Agoda is like people own hotel can sell accommodation and agoda get commission...

We have many tour and would like to know if have something like this for tour companies?

At the moment we sell all our tour through agents and shop.


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Hi Katty,

Like agooda is for hotels similarly there are websites that sell tours but in most of the cases these tours are by that website only. I mean websites like ; ; etc. offer their own tours online. Users can visit and book tours online through theses websites. In return, the tour operators (owner of the website) will coordinate with that customer and respective suppliers just like the way you must be doing at present but they do it through a  well defined system. 

I am sure, this answer your query. The above mentioned websites are created by QuadLabs. You may please contact for  more details. 

Thanks & Regards

QuadLabs Technologies: A Travel Technology Company

Hi Katty,

You can also use Shopify with BookThatApp to sell your tours. Here is an example website:

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like further information: gavin @

Thanks, Gavin.

For tour companies, there are many websites who will list your tours. Currently they are more focused on day tours, rather than multi-day, but they are out there, and will provide you revenue..... 

please email me your details

Hello Katty,

Ya sure you will get commission according to the Booking you are making from which provider you are integrated with.

We are leading IT company helping tour companies to get integrated with different API providers like Expedia(Hotels),Amdeus(flights) and cartrawler(Car Rental Booking)

Some of the travel booking portals developed by us:

Kindly visit: and

For detailed discussion you may drop email me at

Looking forward for your reply

Thank you

Hello Katty 

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