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International Tour Operator Looking for Supplier Partners

We are an international tour operator looking for suppliers of City Tours, Sightseeing visits and excursions in the major touristic cities. Please send us details of your website and the city you supply.

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Hi Around City Tours Team, 

If you are looking to connect sightseeing suppliers individually then you can choose it as per your targeted destinations. Besides this here below I have mentioned my company, QuadLabs Technologies, travel suppliers for sightseeing and we can also integrate these suppliers with your B2C (website).

  1. Beds Online - Global suppler for hotels an also provide sightseeing and transfers
  2. Miki - Global suppler for hotels an also provide sightseeing & transfers and most probably Middle East only.
  3. GTA - Global suppler for hotels an also provide sightseeing and transfers
  4. Tourico Holidays - Global suppler for hotels an also provide sightseeing and transfers

If you need any other additional help regarding suppliers and travel technology, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Best of Luck!



Please tell us what are your terms and are you looking for partnership in Kenya

and what are your payments terms

If you are looking to resell tours (as an agent) then you should be talking to GrayLine ( This is available via API.

Hi Alex,  Thanks for the reply. We basically have a few websites where we supply our own sightseeing tours, visits to museums etc with our guides but are looking to expand and group these cities onto one site and the other cities we dont currently have activities to find a local supplier. What are the grayline commissions and they offer this type of service?

Sounds like a question for them!

thanks, ill have a look!

Hi I am a local tour operator in Peru,  here is my web site

Hi, We are a local tour Based in Kenya Please check or

Hi There,

I am  a professional tourist guide (full member of the Scottish Tourist Guide Association) based in Scotland. From this year I am offering the services of a complete Destination management/ Tour operator business which I am the Managing Director of. The business is specialized on Scotland inbound travel focusing on high end quality experience, supplying tour operators, VIP and corporate travelers.

We can offer tours basically anywhere in Scotland (e.g.: Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews, Highlands complete roundtrips etc.)

Our website will be live in a few weeks time, if you are interested more, please get in touch by PM.

Thank You


we are looking for partners and agents for uganda  we can work with here in Uganda see  email

link to us on TourCMS... and pick our trips from the marketplace... we have day tours in Kathmandu

Hello !

I am Francesca and I live in the center of Tuscany; i am a  travel agent with a wide knowledge of the Tuscan territory and  experience in the incoming tourism. We  offer services as destination management for the whole Tuscany and main Italian cities; we do also design experential travels for small groups and individuals. Local support. 

For any additional information you might need, please contact me

Thank you for your consideration

Best regards




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