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Inexpensive tours along the pacific coastal region of Nicaragua! Looking for travel agents!!

Hola from Western Nicaragua! We are a non profit organization specializing in tours and excursions! We offer a 7 day, 12 day, and 14 day option for travelers. On our tours travelers will experience volcanoes, beaches, cultural and historical cities, nature reserves, cloud forests, many activities, and so much more! We also offer volunteer experiences and spanish lessons.

We would love to start building relationships with travel agents looking to sell our tours for commission! Please let me know if anyone out there is interested in learning more about what we have to offer. You can email me at

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I will ask this to everyone who pitches how you have done - HOW have you made it easy for agents to work with you?

Do you have product available in a format that they can immediately add to their website? Do you have an agent login so they can add bookings, see existing bookings etc?

IF YOU don't, then just pitching your company is pretty much a waste of time.....

Only a thought. Alex


 I appreciate the feedback! We are brand new and just starting out so any advice you have for us will be used. We do have information on our tours that we could offer to agents for them to list and post on their websites. I listed my email address hoping that they would request this and we could send it to them. Would you reccomend I upload the files on this website? Unfortunately, we dont have an agent login ability. Do you have any other advice for us on how to get our tours booked? Thanks so much!


-La Isla

Here is the thing - your product is not significant enough by itself to be of much interest to travel agents (this is not to do with your product, but to do with having specialist products in a niche destination). Sorry to be so blunt, but that is how it is......... instead imagine your product alongside product from other interesting operators (either regionally, continentally or globally). Now that website can begin to attract web traffic - and you will pick up SOME bookings. So you need to find those websites (they do exist) and get featured

Hence there is little you can do by yourself to attract agents...... (you can find companies who may want a local ground handler where the booking is in their name, not yours, but that is not quite the same thing). Also you can focus on direct marketing (e.g. advertising campaigns etc etc).....  

Hi, saw your posting and thought I would chime in. You need a travel product that,

1. Has been successful for you and that sells.

2. Has margin or a commission % that entices others to resell it.

3. Has tools to help them resell it.

If I am going to resell your travel product as a wholesaler or a travel agent I want to hear how successful it has been. How many sales per month are you selling? How much money can I make selling it?


Matt Zito

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