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Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services which offers many types of services such as servers, storage, database, networking, software, and analytics. The companies which deal in these computing services are known as cloud providers and they charge for cloud computing services which are based on usage. QuadLabs is one of the most successful and leading cloud computing travel technology provider in the world, known to aided numerous travel agencies in developing a system that offers better flexibility and reliability.

Travel Companies are managing travel software with cloud computing. This is the best solution as it improves productivity with less cost and it helps in expanding business prospects.  Companies in the travel industry can save money with the flexibility of the cloud.

Uses of cloud computing

The first cloud computing services are decade old, but now it is available in online service to send email, edit documents, watch movies or TV, listen to music, play games or store pictures and other files. Here is a list of few things which can be done by cloud computing

  • Make new apps and services
  • Store, back up and recover data
  • Host websites and blogs
  • Stream audio and video
  • Deliver software on demand
  • Analyze data for patterns and make predictions

Many organizations are using it as from startup to global corporations, government agencies to non-profit organizations.

Companies are opting for cloud computing method as it helps them to maximize their potentialities with on cloud travel erp solutions for their business. The companies are looking for wholesale ERP software and On-Premises software which is referred to as software applications installed on-location in a client owned server. It requires a high initial investment due to its need to acquire a license software also.

The most successful on cloud travel erp solutions

  • First cloud hosted travel ERP
  • One time set up fee and monthly user license fee
  • Free upgrades lifetime
  • It helps in minimizes the investment cost
  • Easy and quick to deploy
  • Includes upkeep, hosting and free upgrades
  • Its partners are Amazon, Rackspace and net magic

How ERP Software Benefits the Travel Industry?

On cloud travel erp system automatically upgrades the various business operations and this function of erp has made it popular among big and small companies. This software has made its place in profit and non-profit organizations as it reduces the hard work and solves the problems in no time.

Some of the benefits of ERP in the travel industry are as follows-

  • This software offers data deduplication, which helps in reducing the storage overheads and improves the accuracy of the data.
  • This software provides accurate reports from sales averages to conversion rates. This allows travel companies to manage cash flow, create marketing campaigns and cut costs across their organizations.
  • It gives the facility to create work schedules, handle payroll information and ensure the staff distribution according to the requirement of the work.

On cloud travel erp system requires a large upfront and current funds to purchase and manage the  software and it also manages the hardware, which helps the software to run on it. Cloud Computing serves multiple functions to the travel company and it has gained its popularity among them over a period of time. Software has made its worth across all industries. Give QuadLabs a chance to upgrade your travel system to cloud based and you will see a considerable growth in your productivity with less budget.


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