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A quick heads-up and a thank you to our existing clients who are transferring their TopTravelVouchers over to a TOPs account at and our new clients who have just come onboard....but our apologies for some teething troubles.
We experienced a few small glitches...... some of you did not click on the ‘publish’ link after creating your TopTravelVouchers and the occasional email confirmation request seemed to disappear into the ether and most regrettably we had a bad link to our old application form.
We have made the instructions a lot easier to please come on back and leap into TOPs in this leap month of February......and please make sure that you have been listed and linked by Destination and Activity category by reviewing your published linked listings at the ‘View All TopTravelVouchers’ page and your own ‘My TopTravelVouchers’ page.
The new TopTravelVouchers will not be added to the front page listings as these will soon be removed and replaced by the newbies in  TOPs that will be accessible with member log-in and password.
The Travel Operator Promotions system is gathering momentum for both our original travel trade clients with existing TopTravelVouchers (you need to re-apply using TOPs) and the new travel businesses that we have invited to participate in the program.
Once we have built our new Go-Direct-ory for the club we will implement our own version of ‘daily deals’ or ‘last minute offers’ for which you will be invited to participate but will not be invited to pay commissions or fees for the service.....all we ask is that you simply give our members the best deal possible....
Please contact me directly if you have experienced any other glitches with TOPs

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