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Hello Team, am looking someone who can build a website for my travel agency and does anyone know how to blogged am open for learning  

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Hi Buddy,

Last 6months, I got a contact from a Tech-guy online, he did give me a special package for my website with yearly pays of domain and hosting. It was good at the starting. However, after the site launched on the web, the layout plans and templates were distorted. He fixed with some patience, but not improved. I paid 50% as he showed me my preferable template and after launch the rest 50% to settle. I postponed the balance paid and he started complains and put delays to me. I was so upset and frustrated for his unprofessional altitude. And, the live chat with him was quite limited, later I misconceived he's avoiding me. Now, I am doing good with my local technician who can support me my website efficiently launch. Now we are on going to launch for coming month.

Point is, look for a in-person technician who can closely work with you. Building a travel website needs time, thousands of time to check and fix and improve. That's also a long time plan. If you don't know the guy very well, don't give a task. Try first and go forwards, Dude.

Good luck with your website,





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