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Does Contract Management and Distribution System manages private and negotiated inventory?

It surely does, as contract management and distribution system allows the travel industry to get associated with domestic travel agencies by developing a simple contract, so that they can easily re-sell their inventories to the customers and enhance their sales. The Travel industry is survived through networking and service and in order to provide the customer with a better experience during their travel in different cities or countries, it is important to be connected with various travel businesses and agencies in those areas. With contract management and distribution system provided by quality travel technology companies, travel consolidators can associate with local hotels, car rentals, sightseeing and travel insurance companies and manage their relationship with them. At the same time, the ultimate goal of offering the best of services to the customers can be met without any hindrance. QuadLabs is well known to offer the most supportive and reliable contract management and distribution system to the needed organization.

With CMDS, it allows the companies to manage private and negotiated inventory and proposes a win win situation for all the parties involved. Using different sales channels, users can easily upload the contracted inventory with deals, fares, discounts, allocation with mark up and commission structure. Using the services of a travel technology company, user can manage the contracts with the hotels, sightseeing and car rentals all over the world. They comprise with extraordinary functions to manage these private and negotiated agreements and help them maintain a good relationship with them. The contract management and distribution system also offers the tour operator and agents with a benefit of managing contracts through various channels, giving them enough space and time to modify their online bookings. It also helps them to maintain their inventories well, so they don’t waste their time and money.

The CMDS offers an incredible allocation service at varying rates, which also helps the travel agencies to separate  the inventories as per the room types, agencies and suppliers. It also divides the policies and conditions to offer the best discounts and deals. Contract Management and Distribution System have secured a very important place in the travel market as it helped the travel companies from all over the world to get connected with other agencies from different part of the world. This enables them to provide best holiday packages and travel packages to their customers who wish to visit any geographical area. By giving them the best rooms, car services, travel insurance, transfer and sightseeing services at a favorable rate, it not only help the company to offer satisfactory services to their clients, but also provided sales opportunities to the local distribution channels as well.

QuadLabs is a leading travel technology company in the world and offers the best contract management and distribution system support to travel agencies in order to connect them with other travel operators quickly and accurately and with quality checks. They have done several global deployments across Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Indonesia and Africa and is highly adapted by each market. By hiring their CMDS service, the user can easily generate higher revenues through high performance and better inventory management.

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