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If any travel business operator is willing to offer direct booking discounts they can get FOC linked listings at together with a personal FOC Family Membership for their own family travels (normally $99usd).

The Club never charges any travel business for any of its advertising, marketing, promotion or direct link services. The Club does not sell travel or take or make reservations and does not allow paid advertising or receive affiliate click fees.

The Club has been building the travel inventory to where it now offers 10's of 1000's of TopTravelVouchers representing direct booking discounts for travel in over 80 countries with new selections added every week.

Currently offering over 30,000 worldwide accommodations from b&b's to hotels and luxury lodges and air, land and sea travel offers to suit the most discerning traveller and travel insurance offered with savings of up to 40%....all vouchers are FOC to members and their families.

Membership Partners are now on board in the UK / USA /Canada / Australia / South Africa developing the global Family Membership Campaign.   Memberships will be offered to existing clubs, groups, newsletters, airmiles programs and loyalty and bank cards in order to generate a high membership base in a short period of time.

Travel businesses can get direct links by Destinations and Travel Categories. There is no limit to the number of listings and they can add, change or delete at any time at no cost.

This offer is also open to Travel Agents who want to reach out to the 'world' of travellers who want to find knowledge, experience and expertise of  Destinations and Activities. Agents must be willing to offer a direct booking saving to the direct booking members.

Any travel business operator who has built in a margin for third party commissions and fees will also benefit from additional exposure at no cost.

So please remember, if your operate a travel business, you cannot buy anything from us as we are not offering to sell you anything. 

Full info is onsite or simply contact the writer with any questions.

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Hi Tony

Interesting and thanks for sharing here

Do you have any numbers / statistics on how many vouchers a tour operator may expect to issue to a club member on an annual basis?
Thank you for your question.

We have only just launched our global membership campaign after building our club inventory of travel savings. It is a little early in our development for any significant stats.

Our membership campaign is aimed at existing clubs, groups, member-base organizationss, loyalty & airmiles programs and eventually bank cards et al that want to offer ALL of our travel deals to their existing membership base.

We have appointed Membership Partners in the USA / Canada / UK / Australia / South Africa and are seeking territory restriction and no investment required....we offer a referral fee program for our partners.

One Australian partner offers free memberships with a qualifying purchase of their own product ( is available to any business that can benefit from this method.

We have also developed a fundraising program for any charity, cause or global non-profit (Cause Marketing).

We are launching another campaign with a US online publisher.

As there is no cost for any travel business to direct link their websites there is no downside to their participation in our listing fees, no change fees etc....they even get a free family membership for themselves.

BTW....we can offer SFBO members a special rate membership...please let me know and we can put a proposal together for you...cheers, tony
Another question was sent to me by email...."How do we or can we offer 'Tailor Made' holidays/vacations"

My answer...." We are not sure" but are open to any ideas that can offer custom planning for our members.

Perhaps we can offer these TM's and tell our members that the price is 'guaranteed' to be the wholesale or net rate that would be offered to a third-party seller or the TM developer might want to offer a direct booking discount in order to reach out to a new audience?

Any suggestions on this will be most welcomed.

We can now offer Travel Wholesalers a linked listing if they also guarantee that the offered price is the same that is offered to a retailer who will then have to mark up for resale.

We work with Retail Agents who have their own tour products but who may also want to rebate some of their own commissions to our direct bookers and thus reach out to a wider audience.

Our program is 'non-traditional' travel marketing and sales and is open to change and improvement as long as all parties win! all comments and advice welcomed...cheers, tony
Hi Tony
Yes - it is tricky to show value when a price is being tailor made because the customer doesn't have the base price to know that they got a discount (as by definition a normal price doesn't exist)

Perhaps you can do a "value added" in that situation? E.g. give something that does have a value - e.g. an upgrade or perhaps something unassociated with the product (e.g. a guide book)

Cheers. Alex
An upgrade is a great idea.....but we do not have products that can be sent out....only online offers....if any TM travel operator wants to do this we can either issue the TopTravelVoucher or create a custom link to a special member page on their sites.

Maybe the TM operator could 'throw in' some kind of deal or discount that is a true saving for our members.... upgrade, free night, comp transfer, bottle of '85, the Boll can be sent to me...cheers, tony




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