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Anyone know a card payment system provider (in the UK) that actually accepts applications from new tour operators. I spoke to at least 10 companies out there (including banks) almost all said that I would have to have been trading for at least 2 years. I don't know how I can be trading for 2 years without the ability to take card payments.

Are there any UK tour operators out there using card payment systems?

Any opinions on that?  


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Drop me an email to with a bit more information about your business - we should be able to help you.


If Will can't help you, then the combination that always used to work for start-up tour operators, and as far as I know still does, is Barclaycard for your card payments, combined with IPP (International Passenger Protection) for your financial protection. Go to IPP first and they can provide the introduction to Barclaycard.

Otherwise, going with the TTA trust account system combined with Worldpay for card payments shoudl work too, but you'd need to join the TTA and work with a trust account. 

Good luck!

I am waiting for IPP's response at the moment. Barclays initially said no to me but they might say yes once I get IPP. Worth a try. Cheers

Streamline (although I think they are now called Worldpay). Low cost rates and said yes to me when Barclaycard said no.

Hi James,

What were you doing for your financial protection to go with that? Helpful to know as I imagine Worldpay have a set of minimum requirements or schemes they'll accept.

At that time we were only selling one day tours, so we just had business insurance, public liability etc, and then vehicles had private hire insurance.

I cant remember what the application form asked for but I dont remember any hurdles and it was a very straight forward process.




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