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Hi All,


Before I fill in the membership forms I want to make sure I am doing the right thing?

My business will involve selling a package to a single destination including a return flight, transport and accommodation,        for up to 100 customers (In the first year) all on same flight, same transport and same accommodation.

So I will need an ATOL or T-ATOL to put customers on a flight? I will need to protect customers money?

So my only choice is TTA right?


Any input or words of wisdom greatly appreciated,






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Ian, if you want to give me a call, I'd be happy to have a quick chat. Visit for phone number

Hi Ian

TTA is not your only choice.

You can get an ATOL direct from ATOL, join a consortium (Freedom, Hays Travel) but there are also some other firms that have applications in with ATOL to get franchise ATOLs as well.

Unless you are up against time, you may be better waiting until April to see all of the options available.



Ok, Thanks for the info & advice Matt,

Thank you Dee, your information was invaluable,

I will hold on and see if PTS come through with their ATOL plans.


Many Thanks


Hi Ian

There are some others as well as PTS, which may be of interest.



Hi Ian,

What type of tour is it? Is it anything to do with sport or fitness?



Yes David it will involve sport/adventure/fitness ect


I may be able to help, I will send you a message if you accept the freind request.


Hi Ian,

There are other choices which license you to build and sell your own tailor-made flight based package including a Small Business ATOL (SBA), and various franchise options, but they either require a large bond and assets within your business, or have large set up fees and costs attached to them.

The Travel Trust Association (TTA) have a long standing and ongoing relationship with the CAA where TTA members get access to their own T-ATOL.

The T-ATOL is issued from the CAA directly to a business on the basis of TTA membership. It has no bonding or asset requirements, it is low cost, and gives full compliance to the ATOL Regulations when a company is buuilding and selling it's own flight based packages (dynamic packaging).

TTA membership itself also gives full compliance with the Package Travel Regulations if a business sells packages without flights - an alternative to bonding (i.e. ABTA) or insurance or PTS. 

Feel free to contact me directly on (01483 545787) if you have any further questions on TTA membership.

Kind regards,

Matt Skilton






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