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Hi there,

I discovered this excellent website by chance last spring when I´d decided to set up a tour business here in Baja California with my brother in law (he subsequently dropped out, delaying things massively and meaning we´re launching in the middle of high season, but that´s another story!). I found the 55 ways to leave your lover tips document particularly useful, and I ´ve tried to apply some of the advice, particularly with respect to our web design. To that end I´d appreciate feedback from members here about our newly launched site...

(links to our FB page and twitter account are being added today)

I´d also be interested if anyone out there has used Gordon´s Guide (or similar), and whether or not they´ve found it worthwhile/value for money.

Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism.

Ian (a Brit in Baja)

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Hi Ian

I´m just in the organising phase so i´m by no means an expert. Just read the 55 ways about an hour ago and thought it was excellent.

So here´s my non expert 1 thing I would change about your website...It took me a bit of searching and a couple of clicks to find what the tour will cover. I reckon I´d change your image gallery link in the middle of the home page to exactly what the tour covers.

The page loaded very slowly on my computer. Don´t know if that is your end or my intenet connection is running slow.


Good luck


Thanks "m" - it's food for thought, especially in light of the other comments given below.


Hi Ian,

What a beautiful website! I love all the color and your tagline. It's very inviting and fun.

My only comment is that your home page copy (meaning the words) is very you-centered vs. traveler-centered. I would lead with your benefit (talk about what travelers will experience, how wonderful Baja is, etc.) vs. details about your business. I would also cut the "thank you for visiting" and "we've tried to provide all the information you need." Your home page is the most valuable real estate on your website, so don't waste it!

Best Wishes,


Thanks Christine, especially for your final comment - I think a redraft is in order!


I like the design and pictures. - One question I have is why you are trying to sell Baja as the other Mexico? Is this because it does not have some of the other issues facing the rest of Mexico? I think you might be better off highlighting the tour offering here rather than trying to promote this other concept. I think this is inline with what the other two reviews mentioned.

Hi David, thanks for your comments. It's certainly true that bajacalifornianos like to think of themselves as separate from the rest of the country, and geographically and culturally the peninsula is certainly quite distinct from the "mainland". I take on board what you say though, and as mentioned above in my response to Christine, I certainly need to emphasise more about what the tour actually offers.


Ian, hi, I visited your website. I like the design. My recommendation is that you build the Tour and price (your product) into the home page, above the fold. The biggest mistake new travel start ups make is that they forget to highlight their core travel product.

I like this page.

If you could integrate the map/stops with info about the tour and the price on the home page above the fold this would work well.You could integrate this into the slide show on the home page.


Matt Zito

Matt Zito is a veteran travel industry entrepreneur, consultant and founder of the world’s first ever, Travel Business Academy, a professional online program that teaches entrepreneurs globally, how to start and run a travel business. To learn more visit the Travel Business Academy or email

Thanks a lot Matt, as mentioned above I accept we need to look at changing the emphasis on the front page :-)

All this free advice is priceless!


Hi Ian,

You need a "call to action or Book Now" button on the tour pages (every page if possible). The first thing I noticed was how do I book? It would ideally link to a booking form with all the info you require from the client in order to book the tour.

Nice feel and colours ...





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