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I have been trying (without any success) to find a viable alternative to for booking hotels so as to increase the commission rate.

I may be on completely the wrong track - or there may be no track for a small business like mine to follow! At the moment I see the only way of getting commissionable sales from hotels other than through is via a GDS or trying to negotiate directly with each hotel. I don't think GDS is a viable option for me because of cost and direct negotiation would be too time consuming and not worth the hotels time.

So is there another way? Presumably small tour operators get preferred rates for the hotels they put in their packages but do they really have to negotiate directly for each one?

Thanks for your time and any replies in advance.


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Only viable solution is do affiliations with different big guns like Expedia etc. They have negotiated rates with hotels already and give you a bit commission and you can add admin charges if you think you can sell that at a better price than that.

If you get anything better than that please do share with me as well as I'm a small Travel agent as well. All the very best

Kind regards




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