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Advice on the right software for my company's needs.

I am looking for software which can help my very small tour operating business. I work with suppliers in my country of Botswana, and also work with DMCs in neighbouring countries. I am looking for software which will allow me to load costs, destination information etc, produce itineraries, invoice, have a client management section.

There are so many options out there which all seem to do the same sort of thing, but which vary from the ludicrously expensive like through to suspiciously cheap ones which seem untrustworthy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as well as any testimonials from any small (2-3 users) tour operators out there currently using software which they recommend.

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The key question is automation vs efficiency

How much do you need to automate your business vs make it efficient?

i.e. do you take bookings from agents? If you are selling day tours, you can automate that, however if you are selling multi-day, you can just aim to be more efficient

Then the next question is how do you work

You mention you work with suppliers - this means you are probably more of a travel agent (at least from a software perspective) rather than a tour operator. Hence you should probably be looking at travel agent software. 

Does that help?

Thanks Alex,

I am more of a tour operator because I put together bespoke packages, based on specific interests of clients from multiple suppliers. I also operate on the ground running trips. As such, travel agent software is not really what I'm after.

The requirement for software is to increase the efficiency by which I quote clients and build itineraries. Because I do group sizes from 1 - 30+ and lengths from 1 - 21+ days, with multiple suppliers, I am looking for that efficiency.

Any recommendations that are realistically priced?

Hi Robert

Yeah - you may BE a tour operator, however your software requirement may be as a travel agent........ (This is what I meant above when I said at least from a software perspective)

Copied. So can you recommend anything which may be of use to me?

Hi Robert,

I works with QuadLabs Technologies, a travel technology company based out in India.

I had gone through all the conversion session here and found your major focus is selling tours and for that here I recommended our "QuadLabs Package Management System", where you can create your own customized packages as per your customer's needs. For example, if you want to create a package which includes flight, hotel, sightseeing and transfer, you can do this using Package Management System for FIT & GIT. Apart from this, bookings of flights, hotels, sightseeing and transfers are the offline process with respective suppliers or your local service provider. 


Using package management system you can manage package allocations, day wise itinerary and activity management, manage supplier & package costing, multi-city departures, multi-currency costing, manage cancellation policies and much more.


Hope my advice works for you to setup a successful business.


If you need any other additional help regarding package management system or to set up your travel business, please feel free to reach out at


Best of luck for your upcoming venture.




QuadLabs Technologies - A Travel Technology Company




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