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Adding product reviews to your website helps build trust with your potential customers.

Trust is important because often, especially with single product tour operators, customers will only have the single booking experience with you (unlike other more commodity products where trust is built up over multiple bookings over several years).

OK - so how do you do it without spending a fortune on web developers?

Here are some example reviews from the Macs Adventure - West Highland Way site (walking in Scotland)

Similar reviews can be found on the site (e.g. this operator details page)

Nice eh?

Product details

These reviews are a simple plugin you can add to any website. In the US the service is offered by PowerReviews Express. In the UK by BizRate/Shopzilla. Its the same technology but the US site explains it better :)

Pricing is about 25 GBP per month (35 USD). (Bronze level).

To integrate you need to send a product feed with product info, price, images, product URLs.

If you are using TourCMS then use the Tour ID as the Page ID. (Macs Adventure are entering their 3rd year using TourCMS as their reservation system / online booking engine).

You will be given some JavaScript code which you can put in your website. A little design formatting is required if you want to make it match your site.

Apart from that, its pretty simple!

Populating reviews

So now you have a review system you need reviews!

Macs Adventure sent an email (they uploaded email addresses into a system provided by the review service). They chose to send to lead customers who had travelled with them in the last 9 months. They offered a prize draw of 500 GBP (approx 750 USD) off their next holiday.

The email was sent on the 23rd December (2 weeks ago) and already has a 15% response rate.

The email that is sent by the review system is nicely presented so very little work is required there.

Thanks to Neil for providing all the info!

See how it turned out.... Macs Adventure - West Highland Way (scroll down the page)

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