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One of the intentions of starting SFBO was to have a monthly "project" where we can set a task, complete the task, and discuss what we learnt from it.

However, we have failed. I take responsibility for that as it was my idea and we should have carried it through. However we do plan to start them in October. Yes really!

(The reason we failed is because our team have been focussed on our core activity and that is TourCMS - our reservation system). So keep an eye out for that. I will send an email around before it officially starts.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

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I have been working with freelancers for quite sometime. But i noticed they workout cheaper than hiring a person but communication gap is a chalenge when they are out on otherside of the world. I prefer to get services of webdesing students in local trade colleges.
Yep, we've worked with a couple of freelance web designers in the past. I think the key is finding the right person. If you can do that, then everything else will work out well.

With freelancers it can be difficult as they need to possess a number of key skills aside from design talent (e.g. communication skills).

If you can stick with one freelancer then I also think you are better off as they grow to understand your company and what you are looking for.
Hi Gareth
Will be kicking this whole discussion off in Jan........... really would like to kick off the monthly events.... it is my new year challenge!
Cheers. Alex




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