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This is a bit of an experiment but we are confident that it will work. As explained in our "introduction post" every month we are going to run a project that everyone can get involved with.

Next month (March 2008) it will be "working with a web designer".

We have chosen this topic because many smaller travel companies design and build their own websites. I expect this is either because people think it is too expensive, too complex or not sure how to find a web designer that they can work with.

Over the course of March 2008 we are going to publish a few articles (on this site) about the principles of working with a web designer - for example how to agree a contract, what a creative brief is etc.

The community project will be that everyone has to find a new web designer and get at least one image designed by them!

Hopefully this sounds interesting and useful..... as I said - it is a bit of an experiment so if we need to tweak our approach we will do.

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DId you translate my article? If not, check always so accurate;) Google's translation Maybe I even wrote a very bad article about you...

Yes, this sounds to be quite an interesting idea. And there is certainly no harm in doing a little experiment. 




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