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Hi everyone

Been a bit quiet here lately..... something we plan to change in 2010.

First off, we will be running a short series based on new year resolutions. First one very soon indeed (maybe even today if I get time!)

Secondly, yes, will be finishing the fabled book. Think, at least initially, it will be a free PDF. Frankly all the other ways of publishing (lulu, getting people to help finish a high quality design etc) will take too much of our time (even people offering to help us with their time, which although is massively appreciated, actually takes us time)

Thirdly, we will start some live conference / training events. No details yet - except some may be physical, some will be web based. Watch out for that!

Exciting eh!

Thanks. Alex

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All sounds great. I think the forum could be busier if it covered a broader range of things. I know that we often do discuss a range of topics, but it does still say travel ecommerce at the top which could put new people off joining or posting. Though do appreciate that the forum was launched to help tourcms.
All sounds good and looking forward to the changes! I have to say that I'm finding this forum invaluable as I open up my new business. I only have one suggestion and I feel rude making it and apologise for doing so but during quite a few forum posts there have been statements that help pages were going to be written on certain subjects such as SEO, Setting up in business etc - its a shame that they are not there but I understand about time restraints etc That said, Is this going to be the fabled book? lol Perhaps I should write a list of the questions and queries I am having on my business setup journey - might help someone else - one day!

I would like to express my thanks though for having a forum such as this and all the time and effort you both, and others put in to helping out others here.
.... added the first New Year resolution article - all about adding product reviews to your site

Hope it helps someone!!!

(and er, its my new year resolution, to get a bit more organisation around here!)
Hi Alex,

These ideas look great! I can see the live conference/training events being really useful to those new to TourCMS, and a useful guide when coming up against issues! Should engage a lot more people and get them involved in the forum.

Will be watching out for all the new stuff!

Training/conference days would be an excellent addition. They do take a bit of putting together but the value would be huge to all the community I am sure
Yeah we have lots of ideas

The real problem we have is striking a balance between being overly TourCMS and being a neutral place where people can come and discuss what they like (including, perhaps, TourCMS competitors)

Haven't quite got my head around that yet
Yay, finished writing the ebook now!

55 Travel ecommerce tips

Now how am I getting along with the other things I said I was going to do!




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